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Baumeister LLC
     Building your healthy life  

We retired 12/31/15 and closed Baumeister LLC. Thank you for allowing us to touch your lives for the last 15 years! products are still available.

God's richest blessings to you!

Baumeister definition:
                      Master Builder or Master Architect 

JD has retired and Baumeister LLC has closed.  Thank you for allowing us to serve you since 1996

BAUMEISTER for us means Building Your Healthy Life!

Baumeister LLC provides clients with a full range of health information, products, and services to restore health, develop healthy lifestyles and promote longevity. By providing knowledgeable advice, personal service and proven, quality products; Baumeister LLC develops lifelong and multi-generational relationships with their client family.

All corporate members and employees walk with integrity, exude ‘life and love’ in all communications, and work towards the clients good.

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We no longer sell products. However product information and sources are still shown. Visit


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